Saturday, 23 July 2016

#30GoalsEDU - Design a Badge

Badges are an effective and appealing way to acknowledge somebody’s work, accomplishment or positive behaviour. So far I’ve used only edmodo as a resource to create and award digital badges to my students. Besides the ready-made badges offered on the edmodo platform, you can make your personalized ones following the detailed instructions offered by the edmodo support service.

This year I’ve come across several additional free online tools which help you create some really awesome online badges. 
My first favourite badge maker is, which does not even require an account. This makes it easy for my students to create their own badge, ribbon or heart and then download it on their laptop. One more interesting site which can help you generate attractive badges is You do not have to register for this tool, as well. One more badge creator site which does not require registration is Once you make your badge you can download it on your device or share it on twitter or facebook.

The next three tools demand the user to sign up for a free account. As a result, I personally use them to receive my professional development badges. I also use them to design my own badges and give them to my students for some sort of accomplishment. So, my third favourite badge creator is My fourth favourite badge maker is Last but not least, Google Drawings is a handy tool which offers plenty of opportunities for increased creativity.

Below are some of the badges and some ribbons I have created and intend to award to my students for various types of accomplishments during the next school year.

Sunday, 3 July 2016


Piktochart is a cool infographic tool. I am using the free version which offers lots of free stuff to create and display your content in a professional looking way!  
You get the embed code by clicking on PUBLISH (not SHARE). Below is a pictochart  I created during my participation in Professional Practices for English Language Teaching online course.

My social graph for #etwion [Networked Teachers]

Coggle  is a mindmapping tool which helps you share complex information. I am using the free version which is quite satisfactory. It offers 1 private diagram, unlimited public diagrams, real-time collaboration, unlimited image uploads, full change history, pdf and image download, export and import as .mm and text functions, comments and chat and embedded code for your website

The coggle below displays  my engagement in various types of social media I have joined.