Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Animating an image with google slides

Yesterday I stumbled upon one of Tony Vincent's periscopes on twitter. I was impressed by one of the presenters, Kasey Bell, who explained how you can create animation using google slides. I had read about this hack somewhere else as well, but yesterday I consolidated the way you can achieve this effect. And as the title of my blog suggests it is designed for my tech notes; thus, I would like to post this tip here so that I can remember it in the future!
To start with, I inserted a free creative commons image on a google slide and a butterfly png (an image without a background). Then I duplicated the slide (Ctrl+D) and I dragged the butterfly a little farther than its original position. I duplicated the new slide and moved the butterfly a little bit again. I followed the same process creating eight slides - I absolutely believe the result will be much better if you create more slides, though! After this, I published the google slides (File- Publish to the web). I changed the auto-advance slides to 'every second' both for the link and the embed code options and here I embed the result:

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