Thursday, 2 February 2017

Reviewing the Alphabet with Augmented Reality

Have you finished with teaching your young learners the alphabet letters and you need some sort of exciting review activities? 

Songs, rhymes, games and other similar activities can provide fun ways for young learners to revise and consolidate the alphabet. Another even more appealing way to engage them in learning is to invite them to review the letters through Augmented Reality.

'AR flashcards - Animal Alphabet' is an amazing app which will offer your students an unforgettably enriched experience of  learning and playing. This free augmented reality app is available on the app store here or google play here. Teachers or parents download the aphabet flashcards here, print them out in colour or just display them on another device.

The words that accompany the alphabet flashcards of the specific app are related to animals:
alligator, beaver, cat, dog, elephant, frog, gorilla, horse, iguana, jellyfish, kangaroo, lion, monkey, newt, owl, penguin, quail, rabbit, snake, turtle, urchin, vulture, walrus, oxen, yak, zebra

| ˈælɪɡeɪtə | ˈbiːvə | kæt | dɒɡ | ˈelɪfənt | frɒɡ | ɡəˈrɪlə | hɔːs | ɪˈɡwɑːnə | ˈdʒelɪfɪʃ | ˌkæŋɡəˈruː | ˈlaɪən | ˈmʌŋki | njuːt | aʊl | ˈpeŋɡwɪn | kweɪl | ˈræbɪt | sneɪk | ˈtɜːtl̩ | ˈɜːtʃɪn | ˈvʌltʃə | ˈwɔːlrəs | ˈɒksn̩ | jæk | ˈzebrə |

Students point their device at each flashcard and a 3D animal pops up on the screen. When they tap the animal on their device, they can hear the letter and the animal name. They can also easily take screenshots of their augmented flashcards by tapping on the camera icon when the app has started. Below you can see screenshots taken for each of the letters.

'AR flashcards- Animal Alphabet' will definitely provide young learners with an enhanced experience they will never forget. Young learners will have the opportunity to review, recycle, practice the alphabet and the names of the corresponding animals on each flashcard in an 'eye-popping' way!

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