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A Listening Lesson Plan

Listening Lesson Plan by Anthippi Harou
Topic: Non-traditional fairystories: ‘Princess Smartypants’ by Babette Cole (story read aloud in a video)

Materials and resources:
A. video of the story Princess Smartypants by Babette Cole
B. Audio of the story
C. One/more laptop(s) and a projector
D. Pictures of the story, handout 1 and handout 2.

OR If there is internet access – My school has ten laptops with wifi access and an IWB- I am going to use the digital worksheet I created (there are some modifications in the follow-up stage). My Sts work in pairs to accompish tasks bc of the nb of laptops.

Level: A1-2, year 6, age: 11-12

Time: one teaching session of 90 minutes


1.    Ask students to discuss in pairs:
What fairy stories did you listen to when you were younger? What usually happens in a traditional fairy story? (discuss the characters, the setting, typical events, the end). Then tell each pair to report their answers to the class and write titles of fairytales on the board)
2.    Show students two pictures of the storytale and ask them:
        Does the story princess look like a           typical princess? Why or why not?
3.    What do you think this story is going to be about?
15 mnts
Pre-teaching vocabulary

Smartypants, marry, toad
5 mnts
Listening for gist

Watch the story and
1.    Discuss with your partner how far your predictions about the plot of the story were true.

2.    Take down at least five elements that make this fairy story different from a traditional one. Compare your answers with your partners’.

Each pair reports to the whole class

25 mts
Listening for specific information

Listen to the story and
match the princes in the right column with the tasks in the left column (handout 1). Check answers with a  partner then as a whole class.
10 mnts
Listening for detail

Listen again to the story and:

Fill in the gaps (handout 2). Check as a whole class.

 10 mts

1.    Provide an alternative title for the story.
2.    Why did the princess set difficult tasks for the princes?
3.    Choose any two of the following tasks you like to do (if you have free time you can do some more):

A.    Watch this section of the video 0:48-1.57  and discuss with your partner how the princes felt when they arrived at Smartypants’ castle, how they felt while trying to accomplish their set  tasks and when they failed?
B.    Watch this segment of the video  2.09- 3.01; observe facial expression and the tools Prince Swashbuckle used to achieve all the challenges how would he describe his personality? How did he feel at the beginning, while doing his tasks at the end?  Use as many personality adjectives as you can (Use Grammar box of Unit 3- coursebook)
C.    Prepare ten True/False sentences based on the story and exchange them with your partners.
D.    Work with your partner to design a new set of challenges (at least two) the princess may set for some more princes who might want to marry her. Create a new illustration for each of them to accompany them in a new the book. Upload your illustrated challenges on edmodo/padlet wall. Your teacher will compile them into a new class book.
1.    Create a comic strip
Instructions: Select two characters of the story. Draw them and add some speech bubbles to make a dialogue between the two characters. 
2.    Listen to this segment of the story 
and try to imitate the pronunciation of the words, intonation and the rest of the speech features.
Record your voice on your mobile and upload it on our padlet wall/edmodo platform/extra work on our wizer quiz.

25 mts

(+Extra time for H/W)

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