Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Annotate a picture with Pixorize

Today I read a post by R. Byrne, shared on twitter, on tools to annotate videos and images. I like trying out new tools to provide engagement in my classes. I picked https://pixorize.com/, an image annotation tool, which was new to me. I signed up for a free account and created the image below which includes interactive text. I downloaded the initial image from my google drive on my laptop. I had created it as a scene composed of smaller free images using google drawings. Then I uploaded it to Pixorize, added points, selected, by clicking, each point with the selection tool (arrow), added text and clicked on any place on the image. When I finished I clicked on File, save as and gave it a name.

If you want to share your Pixorize image, click on View and share it on twitter, facebook or G+. You can alternatively click on More in the top bar and copy the direct link provided for you or the embed code.
To edit your image, click on create, file, open, double-click on the folder which has already been created for you, select the image you want to edit, click on open image, make your changes and finally, save.  

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