Sunday, 13 May 2018

Professional Development through Podcasts curated in Google Drawings

One of my most favorite persons in my PLN is Don Yerks. He is a Google Certified Educator (level 1&2), a lifelong learner and an awesome person! I got to know him through Tony Vincent's online classes (Classy Videos and Classy Graphics). I always enjoyed the perfect assignments he submitted for the classes. I was also fond of the constructive and encouraging feedback he provided to his 'classmates'.

I've recently stumbled upon one of Don's twitter posts and was really amazed at his new creation using Google Drawings. I adored his fantastic work for many reasons. First of all, its content was something I was immediately attracted to. I always try to find ways for engaging in free Professional Development. The podcasts Don suggests on his image are worth listening to for any educator! Second, I loved the combination of colors, the clever design with the mobile screen, the fonts and the text drop shadow use. And ... I should not leave out the most important reason I liked Don's Google Drawing so much; it is interactive! This is so amazing! You can access each podcast he suggests by clicking on the relevant small image. Try it out HERE!

I am so grateful to Don Yerks for allowing me to share his awesome work on my blog! Thanks Don!

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