Friday, 18 May 2018

BookSnaps Challenge

The significance of a PLN is really great to me. Having a PLN provides you with free Professional Development from people you choose to follow and share ideas with. It also offers learning at your own pace! One of the persons in my PLN I appreciate a lot is Peggy George. I met her on twitter and I feel so lucky for that. She always shares excellent posts with resources, tips, and tools, helpful to any educator. Peggy is one of the hosts in classroom2.0 live free webinars. During one of the #liveclass20 sessions, attendees were introduced to Tara Martin  and her idea of  SnapBooks challenge. In short, Tara's idea is for readers to take snaps of the books they read and interact with the text by providing their reaction to what they read. This can be done by readers adding emojis, stickers, text boxes or speech bubbles with their thoughts and feelings, highlighting a key idea and so on. She suggests tools you can use for this purpose; some of them include Snapchat, Seasaw, photo apps such as Fotor or even google drawings/ slides which may have been prepared by a teacher and then edited by a student. You can read about the Booksnaps2018 Challenge Tara Martin organized for 2018 HERE.
This year some of my EFL students participated in the SnapBooks2018 challenge and here's one of my students' booksnaps based on an English book she read.
 Next year I would like to integrate this idea into my lessons early in the year so that my students will have the time to engage in the process to a greater extent.

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