Saturday, 12 November 2016

Brainy Box to promote writing skills

One of the ways you can reinforce your students' writing skills in a fun way is by using Brainy Box. This is my suggestion on how one can use it.  Students upload six images of their favourite landmarks, types of food, sports or anything else they are interested in and write a short text below or above the image. At this point, you should make sure they are aware of the Creative Commons licences of the images they use; so they can either upload their own photos or Free Creative Commons ones. The site my students frequently use to download free domain photos is

This is how the task can be carried out:
The students visit the site:
They click on page 1 and Edit. They upload a photo and write a short text below. They follow the same process for all 6 pages. Then they save the final product. They are asked to provide a code in case they want to edit their presentation later on. They shouldn’t forget to copy the url they are provided with after they have saved their work. This is an example I have taken down my code so that I can modify anything I wish in the future.
To view the presentation, click on the number of each page just below the 'brainy box'. 

 Notice: If you click on 'Share' you get an embed code. I like this feature as you or your students can embed their creations in  a class blog which looks really impressive. There are also more options such as a QR code, a short url and so on.
Images Credits (CC0 Public Domain)

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