Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Colourapp: an image tool

I have always been keen on web tools and apps related to photo editing, avatars, emojis and anything related to image creativity. Today I stumbled upon one of Bart Verswijvel's tweets about a very interesting app. The colourapp makes use of Public Domain or CC0 artworks which you can modify in an attractive way by adding your own photos. After you click on 'agree' with the disclaimer when you enter the app, you are presented with a number of artworks. You pick one and then you click on the 'pencil' icon. Then the artwork turns into a sketchlike image with five colours. There are five circles with a plus sign just at the bottom of the image, each one corresponding to the same colour section on the artwork. When you click on each of them, you can upload an image from your device. The result looks like a collage and is really fascinating! When you are satisfied with what you have created, click on 'done'. You can share your creation on twitter or facebook. You can also download it on your device. Here are two images I have created:🙆

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