Thursday, 24 November 2016

Creating image designs

Pixteller is an easy-to-use image maker web tool. It is ideal for creating engaging posters, banners, social media profile covers or any other image design you wish. You can use other people's designs and edit them or create your own from scratch. I have signed up for a free account and I think it is quite satisfactory for my needs.

As today is Thanksgiving Day in N. America, I've thought of creating a pixteller image to thank the three most significant persons in my PLN. These are Shelly Terrell, Peggy George and Arjana Blazic. I'm thankful to them for sharing with their PLN their precious knowledge on educational technology. Above all, I'm giving them a shout-out for their integrity of character- always hard-working, tech-savvy enthusiasts but also kind, supportive and encouraging to others.

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