Sunday, 4 December 2016

Listening cloze generator

Tubequizard is a free site which provides a quiz collection for your students to practise listening. There is the option for you or your students to select from a wide variety of cloze quizzes depending on the number of gaps to be filled in, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and other items your students or you wish them to focus on. 

For me, the best advantage of the site is that it can turn into a handy web tool which enables teachers to create listening cloze quizzes with subtitled youtube videos. Just click on 'Train with your video' tab, paste the url of your subtitled video and click on 'create'. And that's it!  Your fill-in the gaps listening text is automatically generated accompanied by the original youtube video. Teachers can edit their quizzes, in case there are slight mistakes, and finally share a link with their students. 

Another advantage is that there is no registration required. This makes it easier for students to be content creators with a sense of ownership. So they can produce their own cloze quizzes on their favourite subtitled videos and practise listening or even share a link with their class.  

Based on Angela Lee Duckworth's video  on grit, I created this quiz     extra options generated are shown here.

I believe Tubequizard is ideal for EFL and ESL teachers who want to further develop their learners' listening skills in an easy and engaging way.

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